Children's Anti-Exploitation Partnership Program

C.A.P.P is a revolutionary new collaborative initiative that focuses on reaching children at risk for sex trafficking or other forms of child sexual abuse.  C.A.P.P provides advocacy, resources, and support to children and families identified in internet/electronics-related crimes against children and human trafficking investigations.  C.A.P.P  provides tools such as assistance accessing Internet Safety Education (ISE) programs to help parents of younger children and teens (with direct mentoring support for teens) to interrupt cycles of abuse and/or reduce high-risk activities that leave them vulnerable to trafficking or other forms of sexual abuse.  

C.A.P.P integrates individual and familial support with the education of parents, first responders, seasoned and newly assigned crimes against children detectives, human trafficking investigators, educators, and key community entities with ties to our most at-risk populations.  C.A.P.P. is set up to provide support to help the young person begin the healing process and mitigate the likelihood of the child falling prey to further victimization (leading to future trafficking situations). 

What makes the C.A.P.P unique is the deliberate ongoing rapport building and mentoring between victims, their families, law enforcement, and advocates.  For advocacy that is in the form of emotional support and connecting victims to community resources.  The law enforcement piece comes in where the investigating detective maintains contact with the victim and family throughout the criminal justice process in more relaxed and supportive interactions when spending time in the trauma-informed advocacy location.  This builds trust and increases the comfort level of the victim encouraging open and honest dialogue not only about the reported crime but other safety issues for the victim.


C.A.P.P. training is recommended for advocates, law enforcement, social services, school counselors, and those working with at-risk youth.  This program is designed to be a collaborative model, ensuring a holistic approach between law enforcement and advocates to better serve the victim. It was created in collaboration with Crisis Aid International and the St. Louis County Police in Missouri. C.A.P.P. training will provide the participant with valuable tools and information on how to identify and work with at-risk populations, sexual exploitation to sex trafficking, child online activity, the impact of pornography on youth, investigations, interacting with the child victim, how to talk to children about online risks, trauma impact, collaborative response, and working with family units.