Collaborative Advocacy Model in Response to Domestic Violence

The goal of this training is to define dynamics, safety planning and advocacy practices when responding to victims of intimate partner violence. In this presentation we will discuss the intersections of domestic violence, sexual violence and stalking, including exploring how these intersections impact victim response. Participants will also gain insight into practiced collaborative efforts between law enforcement, medical professionals and advocacy. The intersectionality of domestic violence, stalking and the use of technology to stalk will be identified as well as advanced opportunities in identification of key safety planning options for victims including Medical, advocacy and evidentiary considerations with victims who’ve also experienced strangulation.

Training Outline:

Dynamics of Intimate Partner Violence

  • Intersection between domestic, sexual violence and sex trafficking

Safety Planning with Victims/Survivors

  • Expert in their Own Lives

  • Documentation

  • Medical / Forensic Opportunities

    • Strangulation

  • Collaborative Opportunities:

    • How Does this Impact the Victim?​

    • How Does this Impact the Criminal Justice Case?

  • Stalking

    • Safety Planning

    • Use of Technology to Stalk​

    • Outside the box response

      • Case Reviews?

      • Victim Services Needs Assessment