The Horror Hiding in Plain Sight: Familial Sex Trafficking - Recognizing and Responding to the Unique Dynamics of Familial Trafficking

The goals of this presentation are to increase awareness and recognition of familial sex trafficking (FST).  Participants will develop a broader understanding of the dynamics of FST and will be able to identify practical response strategies outlined throughout the presentation for utilization when responding to FST.  We will also discuss current collaborative practices between those serving victims in a survivor support/advocacy role and investigating law enforcement.  This presentation will include a lecture with some interactive exchanges centered around a comprehensive case example.

Training Outline:

  • Definition of Familial Sex Trafficking (FST)

  • How Does FST differ from Child Sexual Abuse

  • Criminal Statutes

  • Profile of a Familial Trafficker

  • Understanding Generational Implications

  • Multi-generational Trafficking

  • Multi-generational Trauma


  •  Engaging Non-Offending Family MembersOvercoming Obstacles

  • Systemic Normalization

  • Fear

  • Distrust

  • Effective Strategies:

  • Communication

  • Family Unit

  • Triage

  • Rapport

  • Team Approach

  • Evaluating Success