Letter from our ceo

Elizabeth Fisher GOOD

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Dear Friends and Supporters,


I am excited about the acceleration of our programming and partnerships. I'm watching new things come together under the Provision Pillar, partnering with new housing models that involve Catholic Sisters and restoring places of ministry to turn them into homes and healing. Under the Protection Pillar, there are opportunities to systemically awaken judicial systems and bring the Nordic model to places that unfortunately are still arresting children and calling them "child prostitutes." With Prevention, together with our partner Operation Underground Railroad, we are stepping into markets, cities, states, and countries. This is a huge piece of how we truly changing the world. Through our Awareness and Education arm, we have reached over 1.3 MILLION individuals globally!

After running safe housing for a decade, our desire is to get ahead of this issue and address the root of it. Prevention and Protection is how we accomplish this. The Foundation United will continue to fund organizations which we vet based on need, but our focus is getting ahead of sexual exploitation through prevention education and training the front lines to be the protectors they set out to be. Until we have eradicated sex trafficking, we will fund safe-housing and restorative care.


There's more on the horizon that I will share in a future newsletter. I can't express my gratitude for your belief in what we do and your continued support.


Much Love and Gratitude,