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Getting Ahead of Sex Trafficking, Exploitation and Abuse

This month we are thrilled to share powerful testimonials from those who have experienced The Cool Aunt Series and REAL TALK. 

"I can't thank you enough for putting this together for the youth. This will prevent from being trafficking. We need this powerful presentation to reach all teens nationwide. I would dare say that kids need to be aware of this program even younger than 6th grade," The Cool Aunt Series Participant.

"As a parent, The Cool Aunt spoke to me. As a Child Welfare Supervisor, I am thinking of the many different cases where we can intervene to provide youth with resources they need," The Cool Aunt Series Participant.

"Our kids were very open and we were able to quickly establish a safe zone where they felt like they could share without judgement or embarrassment. I believe God is bringing us deeper with our youth," REAL TALK Youth Facilitator.

"Our experience with REAL TALK was fantastic! It was amazing to watch some of our kids who are normally very closed off get relaxed and open almost instantly, especially as they saw how their leaders modeled how to share transparently, first. They realized they were not alone in their struggles," REAL TALK Youth Facilitator.

"I felt God really using me and our team as leaders, highlighting exactly what we should share and how we should share it, with the youth in our group. It was amazing! Even our most closed off kids entered the conversation and some shared things they had never felt comfortable to talk about out loud, especially in church," REAL TALK Youth Facilitator.


Our Systemic Prevention Training Programs:

The Foundation United has multiple pathways and tools to prevent sex trafficking and exploitation before it starts. YOU can help us grow our impact and save young lives throughout every system which we empower!

SPEAK UP is our K-12th grade train-the-trainer prevention education curriculum. It is easy to roll out, includes professional development in a box, and equips students, faculty and staff from the top down to stay safe against this issue! Learn how you can bring SPEAK UP to your school/district.

REAL TALK equips entire churches to get free from the footholds of the enemy which fuel secrets, shame, scandal, demand for illicit sex, and more. If these issues continually go unchecked, they can result ultimately in sex trafficking. With a track for top leadership down to kindergarteners, this catalytic coaching program is the first of its kind and helps Churches and faith-based organizations step into a new level of awakening, purpose, and protection. Read testimonials and learn how you can bring REAL TALK to your church.

The Cool Aunt Series is designed with your family in mind. Learn how to facilitate conversations about this tough topics, protect your teens, and stay informed as a parent or grandparent by downloading this interactive tool at home.

Gain even more tools and resources for all ages, here.