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over 500,000 healthcare professionals have been trained by global strategic operatives around the world.

Global Strategic Operatives has developed "Push Communication Materials and Notifications" in multiple languages to be used internationally for at-risk populations such as refugees. These notifications are available in German, Polish, Romanian, Ukrainian, English, and Russian. Quest Diagnostics is working with cellular phone providers to do a “Push Communication” for all carriers of cell phones in that region. These notifications alert individuals of warning signs to look out for and how to seek help if they witness or are approached by a suspected predator.


Research results from GSO's UN pilot study are being published and policies are being created and synthesized down to one “universal” policy on Human Trafficking for Healthcare Providers. This will be submitted to the World Health Organization for implemented worldwide. This has never existed before!

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156 criminal justice agencies and organizations have been trained by our National Training Cadre, all over the U.S.

Upcoming training for law enforcement officers, state attorney's offices, correctional departments, and other criminal justice entities are being hosted in Las Vegas, Buffalo New York, Ohio, Seattle, and Washington this summer.


One of our grantee network organizations, Saving Innocence, recently shared that they have been working directly with Homeland Security to combat the supply and demand of sex trafficking. They were instrumental in the recent bust of a human trafficking ring selling little girls. Their team was able to provide immediate resources and aid, including emergency evacuation for these innocent children. They are also providing counseling to families whose children have been victimized by sexual abuse and exploitation.