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After running safe housing for a decade, our desire is to get ahead of this issue and address the root of it. Prevention and protection is how we accomplish this. The Foundation United will continue to fund organizations which we vet based on need, but our focus is getting ahead of sexual exploitation through prevention education and training the front lines to be the protectors they set out to be. Until we have eradicated sex trafficking, we will fund safe-housing and restorative care.


Organizations such as Metanoia Manor (domestically), introduced and endorsed by Global Strategic Operatives for their unique approach utilizing Catholic Sisters and transforming unused rectories, and Uncaged (internationally), are two unique models making great strides in restoring freedom to young lives.

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78% of survivors rescued in Europe
are from Romania or Moldova

Uncaged has completely paid off their over 200 acre property in Romania created to restore survivors of sex trafficking. The environment of the Sanctuary is ideal for the ongoing healing of survivors. Here, young women and girls can experience the beauty of nature, the comfort of a safe home, healthy, bonding relationships, trauma-informed care, holistic restorative resources and more. The Uncaged team continues to be present at the Romanian and Moldovan borders of Ukraine. The conflict continues to bring refugees in great need to these bordering countries and traffickers are poised to take advantage of them. Their resources and training of border authorities and local leaders has saved the lives of countless vulnerable women and children traveling alone and seeking safety.