Why Donate? Because Children Are Our Future

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

It is highly likely that most of you reading this know a child who is or has been abused or neglected. Sadly, child abuse has long been a silent epidemic that affects all ethnicities and socio-economic groups in all parts of our nation as well as in the world. 

The good news is child abuse is preventable.

At The Selah Way Foundation, we believe child abuse education is key, as evident by the fact that 1 in 3 little girls are sexually abused in America, and 1 in 5 little boys suffer as well. Add to these statistics that 92% of all sex trafficking victims were sexually abused in childhood. The sinful and vile unspeakable acts continue day after day.

Child abuse is notoriously hidden, mostly because the children are told to keep it a “secret.”  The more cases that are reported, however, the better chance children can access the services and support necessary for healing and (hopefully) will never enter into a life of sex trafficking willingly or unwillingly.

Research overwhelmingly shows the harmful impact of abuse when children do not receive the help they need. Abused children who do not receive intervention are at a greater risk of depression, suicide, academic underachievement, teen pregnancy, juvenile delinquency and being a victim of sex trafficking.

These children immersed in deep-rooted pain grow up to be adults immersed in pain and their trauma will last a lifetime.  It is the taxpayers who will pay, as failing to intervene or prevent the neglect and abuse results in economic consequences with the need for special education, mental health therapy, foster care, special education and possibly prison, all supported by taxpayers. More importantly, it is an entire generation of our own innocent American children who learn to live in fear, shame and secrets they should have never been exposed to. The time to stand up for these precious young lives is now. Unite with us to ensure that every child, no matter what walk of life they came from, is protected and knows their incredible value in this world.

The Selah Way Foundation is a global network of leading anti-sex trafficking service providers dedicated to eradicating this issue on a global scale. By locking arms with well vetted, expert organizations in this movement, we create a solid system of care for survivors of child abuse and sex trafficking. At the end of 2018, The Selah Way Foundation continues to seek philanthropic donations to fuel its three initiatives: Prevention, Protection and Provision. These three initiatives will exponentially expand every year to eradicate sex trafficking on a global scale. 

When we work together, we can create a safer community that nurtures children and protects them from abuse and neglect. There is no better investment for the future!

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