Entrusted to Honor & Represent His Community, Fulmer is a Predator, Not a Protector

Pennsylvania state Sen. Mike Folmer has been charged with possession of child pornography, according to Attorney General Josh Shapiro. Folmer is a horrific example of the corruption and complicity hiding in America's positions of power after he was charged last night (9/17/2019) because of images of child pornography that were found on his phone when police searched his home with a warrant. He was arrested and charged with possession of child pornography and Sexual Abuse of Children, Possession of Child Pornography, and Criminal Use of a Communication Facility. 

Selah Freedom/The Selah Way believes NO ONE is above the law, no matter what position or power they hold in clergy, business, politics, education or any other sector. Selah will continue to work to protect America’s children and teens and ask our courts to hold those who abuse them accountable.

Child pornography and sex trafficking is a crime against humanity, an act of violence and it is never casual or accidental.  Its perpetrators ensnare the powerless and vulnerable for the exploitation of others; they are never its victims and those who commit it are not afflicted.

As evident by the endless streams of news reporting, the appalling tale of sexual exploitation of child abuse, rape and human trafficking will demand our attention for a long, long time.    Advocacy organizations such as Selah Freedom/The Selah Way will escalate its fight to end this barbarity.

Anger and frustration over sexual assault in government and the entertainment industry were rampant at the downfall of both Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein, spawning the well-known #MeToo Movement.

"Child abuse and sex trafficking is secret and its victims groomed. They are abused, kidnapped, exploited, and more than often confined. The end result (if they survive it all) is that they are too traumatized to report the crime to their parents, teachers, counselors or law enforcement. All the more reason that the Fulmer case and others involving prominent politicians should remain on the front burner.  Selah is on a mission to find solutions to help eradicate exploitation. Won’t you join us in achieving our goal?"

-Elizabeth Melendez Fisher Good

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