Your Donations Help Us to Raise Up An Army of Defenders Against Sex Trafficking and Child Abuse

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Florida ranks third in the U.S. in human trafficking cases reported by states, according to recent statistics in 2018 by the Human Trafficking Hotline, behind only California and Texas. The needs of rescuing child trafficking survivors are extremely costly. The good news is the Selah Way Foundation knows what survivors need in order to be led from the point of rescue, to full and flourishing freedom. 

Survivors need medical attention for their abuse, STD’s, possible drug addiction, and a full range of mental issues including post-traumatic stress. Depending on the needs of individuals, services required for recovery may include medical care; emergency and transitional housing with long-term housing assistance; mental health counseling; job training and placement; advocacy in the criminal justice system; spiritual support; legal assistance and much more.

Young adults and children who are rescued from sex trafficking have far too few safe, qualified environments where they can be taken for rehabilitation and training for a productive and safe lifestyle. It’s an all too familiar scenario where these victims end up in juvenile detention programs or foster care. 

According to a Time article, research found that rather than rehabilitating young delinquents in juvenile detention center— which lumps troubled kids in with other troubled kids — it actually appeared to worsen their behavior problems. Compared to other kids with a similar history of bad behavior, those who entered the juvenile-justice system were nearly seven times more likely to be arrested for crimes as adults. Further, those who ended up being sentenced to juvenile prison were 37 times more likely to be arrested again as adults. In comparison with similarly misbehaved kids who were either not caught or not put into the system. 

The foster care system is extremely flawed since they simply are not prepared for traumatized victims who have been sold many times a day for sex. These survivors need more stability than traditional foster care. They inevitably get bounced from home to home where they will most often run away, back to the street life that endangered them in the first place. They are looking for love and security, but have no idea where to find it.

These precious young lives are NOT criminals and most foster parents have no idea how to meet their complex physical and psychological needs. Heightening the problem is the fact that foster care will not take children over 17 years of age. So what happens to these teens?Statistics tell us that the 20,000 kids released from foster care in the U.S. every year, 25% are jailed within 2 years and a vast number homeless. Homeless youth are one of the highest demographics vulnerable to sex trafficking. These are children. Innocent children. They weren’t given a chance in life and don’t believe they have any value. They are prime candidates for traffickers to manipulate.

Victims of child sex trafficking need stable, long term environments to live in with care takers that will patiently help them transition from a past life of systematic, controlled abuse to healthy independence. 

With these factors in mind, The Selah Way Foundation exists to prevent sexual abuse, protect innocence and provide freedom through three initiatives: Prevention, Protection and Provision.

The costs of these initiatives are rising every year as the number of sex trafficking victims who need to be rescued also rise. Your donations will help The Selah Way Foundation in the following ways:

Prevention: $3 Million Needed to Fund

· Help us lead 1,600 prevention groups designed for boys and girls, K-12th grade. We will reach over 20,000 children to prevent them from sexual exploitation and abuse.

· Educate and empower children and interveners through customized, cutting edge curriculum so that they can recognize the signs of exploitation and discover the power of their own voice to speak up against abuse.

Protection: $6 Million Needed to Fund

· Train professionals on the front lines working with individuals at risk for and involved in exploitation on how to take action against predators and serve and protect innocent victims.Help us provide security and surveillance for survivors and training for 200,000 professionals on the front lines across the nation, $100,000 per state. Altogether, we will educate and equip 50 different agencies annually for two years.

Provision: $6 Million Needed to Fund

· Provide a safe place for survivors of sexual exploitation to heal from trauma and receive restorative services such as trauma therapy, medical and legal aid, a personalized education plan, job placement, mentorship, horse therapy and more. Help us launch three campuses. Each campus consists of a six bedroom residential home and a four bedroom graduate home located on a 3-5 acre lot. Each campus costs $2 million, which includes operations for one year.

Lock arms with The Selah Way Foundation to fuel this movement. Learn more about becoming a member of the Founders Circle.

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