“Save The Children Movement” sparks interest to end child sex trafficking and exploitation

Over the course of the last few days the hashtag #SaveTheChildren has spread like wildfire across all platforms of social media. More and more people have begun to take interest after a minor trafficking rally that was held in Hutchison County.

Save The Children rallies are part of a movement to help end the trafficking of minors, something that Family Support Services says often have gone unnoticed. What started out as a small group has now taken off as a movement spreading across the country.

The #SaveTheChildren groups are gathering to host rallies to show support and help educate people on minor and human trafficking.

Human trafficking has been around for ages and has lived in the shadows in this country, now, it seems that we have finally reached a time that people are starting to pay attention and care about something that has grown into one of the largest issues our country is facing.

The most important thing that needs to come out of this newfound attention is education.

It is crucial part of the movement that we help people understand the raw and painful truths that are behind human trafficking.

The sad reality is that 1 in 9 children receive online sexual solicitation and 1 in 10 children are sexually abused.

For those looking at ways to stop trafficking both minors and adults considering looking right in front of you.

Selah Freedom, a network partner of the Selah way Foundation, holds virtual prevention trainings and events such as Sex, Lies & Media Trainings, How to Talk About Body safety with Children (Training for Parents), and more. If you are interested in signing up for an event visit our trainings and events information page.

The Selah Way Foundation Prevention Initiative is how we truly believe we can get ahead of this issue and end sex trafficking and abuse targeting children. Through our unique ‘Train the Trainer’ model, we provide a turnkey way for school systems to be trained from the top down on how to recognize and prevent exploitation.

2 million children are sold into sex trafficking each year. Our children are being exploited, groomed and desensitized to what is happening in our country’s culture. There is nothing more important to the Selah Way Foundation than bringing the tools desperately needed to prevent this crime, into every classroom, so that every child has an advocate.

Support the Selah Way Foundation and join the fight and help us put an end to human trafficking.

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