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Find The Survivor

A Global Training Arm Equipping the Front Lines to Save Lives Victimized By Sex Trafficking

To learn more and invite our expert team to provide anti-sex trafficking training and resources for your staff contact us.

Our Protection Pillar provides anti-human trafficking resources and trainings for healthcare professionals, law enforcement agencies, state attorneys offices, and judiciaries. We are creating a cultural shift through systemic change by implementing the Nordic Model. We also provide training on unconscious bias, among many other topics. Unconscious bias allows those who should be able to be our community's greatest leaders and protectors to operate in blind spots until awareness is brought in. This has, in many ways, fueled how victims have been identified and treated. Our desire is that every survivor of this crime is treated with compassion, understanding and given the justice they deserve.


Paul Mungo, MSN, MSM/HS, RN, NE-BC, Chief Nursing Officer & VP, South Miami Hospital

“This experience was enlightening and educational because it brought to the forefront the resources that are available to address these very unfortunate situations and how invested the various organizations are in their commitment to identifying, caring for, and eradicating human trafficking and supporting its victims."

RWJ Barnabas Trainee

"The week after our training a human trafficking survivor was identified in one of our system hospitals and because of the Community Session we completed we were able to provide her the support she needed."

Trooper First Class,
Michael Reidy,
Connecticut Police Department

"I went into this training with one eye and came out with two. Knowledge is key. This short, but to the point course, should be taught in all academies as well as in our school systems with parents included in order to protect our families and to make family structures stronger again."

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