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Uncaged, is a nonprofit anti-sex trafficking organization serving Eastern Europe, founded by Kim Westfall.  For survivors of sex trafficking, being rescued out of "the life" is just the beginning. Uncaged brings healing resources to survivors through holistic, trauma-informed care which equips survivors to stay free. Their mission is to see them reintegrate and thrive! 


Uncaged works with governments across Eastern Europe to eradicate sex trafficking. Through this collaboration, they are creating national intervention and prevention plans to stop traffickers before they strike. This also includes training in identifying victims and best practices in how to get them to safety. To unlock transformation, they build "healing villages" where survivors go to recover and restore. Without these crucial Sanctuaries, 80% of survivors will be trafficked again.


Over 750 survivors have begun their healing journeys with Uncaged, with countless lives still in need of their services. Together we can unlock transformation for survivors in Europe and across the globe. 


Kim Westfall is the Founder and CEO of Uncaged and the Global Ambassador of The Foundation United. She is an entrepreneurial leader with nearly 30 years of experience leading and scaling successful for-profit and non-profit organizations. From 2006 to 2016, she served as Executive Vice President of Client Services and Consulting for Westfall Gold, a major-donor fundraising consultancy that has helped to lead faith-based organizations to raise more than $1 billion (USD) to fuel transformation worldwide.

Kim also served as U.S. Executive Director of Watoto Child Care Ministries, an organization that provides holistic care to vulnerable women and children in purpose-built village settings across Africa. In 2018, after being haunted by a vision of ‘children in cages,’ Kim launched Uncaged.

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Romania is the biggest source of sex trafficking survivors in Europe.


78% of survivors rescued in Europe are from Romania or Moldova.


50% of survivors rescued in Europe are children.