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As a Board Member, I understand the importance of my dedication to developing policy, exercising fiduciary responsibility, raising funds, and serving as a public ambassador for the organization. I acknowledge that The Foundation United will be my priority organization for the duration of my board term. While all Board Members carry fundraising responsibility, I will also commit to helping in the following areas: (choose one or two from the list below). I understand the value of TFU’s work and the need for Board Members to personally support the organization’s mission financially as well as to introduce others to the organization and ask for their support. Board Members typically offer support across non-financial areas, as well. Yet, it remains essential to the success of any nonprofit for Board Members to commit to organizational and individual fundraising goals.

Therefore, I agree to make an annual financial contribution of $2,500 toward The TFU Annual Fundraising Goal. While reporting 100% of financial board participation is required by many foundations and funding entities, I understand that I may lower my own financial contribution to $500 by attaining a minimum of $10,000 in funding from others, including any variety of individuals, corporations, foundations, government grants, partnerships and/or sponsorships, planned gifts or special events. I will make every attempt to personally attend all Fundraising, Volunteer, and Appreciation Events.

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Board of Directors Questionnaire

Board members are expected to give a contribution of in kind and financial upport, either personally through a gift of $2,500 or through corporate contacts/network gifts of $10,000. Are you willing to commit to this financial commitment?
6. Three roles encompass the members of the TFU Board of Directors: Ambassador, Advocate and Asker? Which role(s) do you foresee yourself fulfilling?
7. Are you willing to Chair a Board?
8. Are you able to commit to being a “working” Board member who will volunteer for special assignments?
9. Please select your area(s) of interest as a member of the TFU Board of Directors:

Please read Phase 2 in this document here.

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