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After a decade of leading safe housing, and hearing thousands of stories that were so strikingly similar, a holy discontent began to rise in my spirit. My passion has always been going to the root of an issue, and the heart breaking truth was that of the thousands of women we had served, their stories were sadly text book.


Every system had missed the abuse that entered their lives, often starting at 3-4 years old. Family systems did not know how to protect or understand the signs, first responders, healthcare professionals, and educators had missed it, and the church and faith communities were sadly no better. The secrets that each girl carried through her childhood went unseen or unaddressed, and in the worst case scenarios, misunderstood and used against them. Childhood sexual abuse is at the root of 92% of sex trafficking survivors. 

The Foundation United focuses on getting to the root, finding the child, and interrupting their story before they need a safe home and their life and destiny fully restored. We are passionately and relentlessly equipping each system on a national and global scale to have eyes to see. You have heard that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure; in this case, prevention is everything. What if it were your child? You would give anything to interrupt and identify the abuse before it progressed even one day. That is our heart; no more blind eyes, not on our watch.


I have also learned through the past decade the great need for collaboration, unity, and transparency in outcomes, measurements, and audited financials. The Foundation United aims to take the guesswork out and help donors identify the most credentialed service providers. Together we can unite, empower and harness the true power of that network to be world changers. We know that together, we can save exponentially more lives! The Foundation United creates a solid system of care and technical training to protect survivors of sexual exploitation, prevent innocent children from being targeted by predators, and empower our front-line protectors in the criminal justice and healthcare systems, churches, and world leaders. We offer the most cutting-edge trainings in the needed areas to get ahead of the issue and eradicate the problem.​

Please browse our site and learn more about our focus on creating global, scalable systemic change to get to the root of this issue - childhood sexual abuse. Discover how these initiatives bring top-notch training and tangible solutions to the fight to end sexual exploitation domestically and globally. The Foundation United not only helps to identify, unite and support other organizations, but it has its own groundbreaking programs.

With so many nonprofits claiming to make an impact, donor confusion is at an all-time high. How do you ensure that your investment will produce results? Having earned a reputation as a proven leader in this space, The Foundation United was responsible for identifying and locking arms with other well-vetted, credentialed leaders and organizations. We have created a "one-stop" donor experience where supporters can give confidently, knowing that their investment will save lives through numerous leading organizations in our network.​

Sexual exploitation is not an issue designated for impoverished countries and television documentaries. It is hiding in plain sight. It targets every child, regardless of race, gender, zip code, or socioeconomic background.


Sexual exploitation, trafficking and abuse are happening right where you are.

Getting ahead of it is VITAL, and makes all 100% PREVENTABLE.

TOGETHER we can expose, disarm, and ultimately ERADICATE IT.

Thank you for joining us on this journey to bring freedom, justice, and hope to every life!

Grateful, ​

Elizabeth Good

Founder & CEO

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