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prevention education for homeschool

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Prevent sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking before it happens by implementing SPEAK UP through homeschool!

SPEAK UP is a turn-key prevention education curriculum from The Foundation United that provides homeschooling communities with tools to stay safe from harm. It includes an evidence-based, trauma-informed curriculum for K-12th grade students. Homeschool families can complete each curriculum at their own pace and receive access to the entire K-12 suite!  All materials are delivered digitally through our online dashboard.

After completing SPEAK UP:

-81% of students said they felt confident that they could identify the tactics abusers use to harm them.

-85% of students stated, “Because of this training, I am confident I know the risks that lead to sex trafficking.”

We are honored to partner with Staci Yates of Alaska to bring SPEAK UP to the homeschooling community! Staci is the Director of Human Trafficking Recovery Services of My House; sits on the Governor’s Council of Human and Sex Trafficking and chairs the subcommittee of Victim’s Services and Housing Committee and Education subcommittee of the Council; and is is the chair of ASHTA (Alaska Stop Human Trafficking Alliance).

The Foundation United understands the importance of trauma-informed and evidence-based research, outcomes and measurements. We are proud to unite with our University Research Partner:

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What are homeschool families saying?


"SPEAK UP is a game changer! The only way we will ever put an end to Trafficking and Exploitation for good is through prevention... and the best way to do that is by teaching our children how to protect themselves!"- Sarah (Homeschooling Mom)

“As a homeschool vet of 20 years to my six children, I understand the challenges of keeping your kids safe online and that is why I am using a new resource for my family called Speak Up!”

-Staci Yates, Homeschool Mom, Director of Human Trafficking Recovery Services - My House, Wasilla Alaska

"This was eye-opening and educational. It makes me feel safe."


“It was good to learn about sex trafficking and sexual abuse because now I know how to stop it.” -Student

"I liked the videos and scenarios in the training." -Student

"Now I want to do what I can to help anyone who has been through this." -Student

"This is a really importance cause. It was easy to take in. I learned a lot." 


"You are a true leader in combating this form of modern-day slavery and protecting innocent and defenseless children. I applaud the work you have done with SPEAK UP to educate students to prevent sex trafficking before it happens. This evidence-based, trauma-informed curriculum shows great promise in protecting children from harm, abuse, trafficking, and exploitation."

-Congressman Vern Buchanan

1 out of 7 children are sexually solicited online


1 out of 3 girls and 1 out of 5 boys are sexually abused


2 million children are sold into sex trafficking every year

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