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Launch SPEAK UP to Protect Students

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Learn how to bring SPEAK UP to your community.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SPEAK UP? ​

SPEAK UP is a turn-key, train-the-trainer model that provides school systems with a top-down approach ensuring all faculty and staff will be educated on how to protect students and recognize the red flags and includes an evidence-based curriculum for K-12th grade students. Your school will receive personal coaching*, an easy-to-implement curriculum, and be nationally recognized as a participant in our National Pilot Program in partnership with University Partner St. Louis University.


It is also available for homeschoolers here.

Do you have public recommendations or endorsements?

Yes, click here to read our endorsements.

How can I launch SPEAK UP at my school?

If you're interested in launching this program at school(s) in your community, please contact us! Our team would love to learn more about your school. We would be honored to connect with you and your school's leadership to share more about how SPEAK UP can prevent sex trafficking and protect students. 

If you want to share more with your school, download our SPEAK UP—informational invitation packet.

Attend a SPEAK UP training or Info Session

Homeschoolers can access SPEAK UP here.

Why is SPEAK Up vital for students? 

It is imperative that we unite to create a shield of protection for every student. We offer this incredible opportunity to you due to the undeniable fact that students are at risk of exploitation and abuse more than ever.

  • COVID-19 has exacerbated risk factors and sex trafficking cases nationally.

  • Sex trafficking has been reported in every single state.

  • One out of seven children is approached online by a predator.

  • One out of three girls and one out of five boys are sexually abused.

  • Federal laws are underway which require Human Trafficking Prevention Education in public schools for grades K-12 (S.2136 & H.R. 5150). We are partnering with select schools that will lead the way in adhering to this new mandate before any noncompliance measures take effect.



What grades is SPEAK UP created for?

This professional learning tool is designed as a “train the trainer” turn-key tool to teach all faculty/staff and K-12th grade students.

How long does it take to implement SPEAK UP?

SPEAK UP is designed with educators in mind. More than ever, there is an inordinate demand for time and resources at schools. Faculty, staff, and even students are now being presented with an array of diverse issues and challenges. This program aims to be easy to implement and lasting in impact.

  • Professional Development - estimated 1 hour of instructional time for faculty/staff.

  • Leaders will need an additional 2 hours of preparation.

  • Student-facing portion: 2-4 class periods or roughly 1.5 - 3 hours.

How much does this program cost?

Custom options available.

How is success measured in SPEAK UP?

A certified national curriculum expert developed our curriculum. It is evidence-based and trauma-informed. All research outcomes are through our University Research Partner, St. Louis University.  SPEAK UP provides pre/post-assessment data to capture knowledge that makes your schools safer.

After completing SPEAK UP:

-81% of students said they felt confident that they could identify the tactics abusers use to harm them.


-85% of students stated, “Because of this training, I am confident I know the risks that lead to sex trafficking.”

View SPEAK UP Pilot Study Data.

What additional resources are available to school staff, families, and students?

The Foundation United's goal is to be sensitive to educators and students throughout this program and offer ongoing support calls and additional resources. Our team provides partnering schools with a safe, experienced, third-party network of resources to help them process what may come up for them personally as they lead SPEAK UP. This is provided free of charge for partnering schools.

We provide families with The Cool Aunt Series as a resource at home. The Cool Aunt Series is more than an online course, it's an experience that can be done from the comfort of home using any smart device. Using engaging and age-appropriate cinema, storytelling, lecture, and questions, the series walks teens and parents through the STREAMS of Influence - the seven risk factors that lead to sex trafficking: Survival, Trafficker, Recruiter, Environment, Abuse, Media, Solicitation.  After the series, teens have the opportunity to self-assess their risk factors and get 1-on-1 help if needed.

PAXA Pointers is a curriculum that provides effective evidence-based strategies to protect children in the following scenarios: Babysitters, Playdates, Schools, Sleepovers, and Online Safety. Child sexual abuse often operates within a tragic paradox: most parents brush off red-flag behavior and reduce scrutiny on “people that they trust.” The P.A.X.A. Pointers Curriculum is designed to address “blind spots'' that occur with trusted individuals in close proximity or virtually online. The CDC informs us that resources for child sexual abuse have mostly focused on treatment for victims, and although these efforts are crucial, little investment has been made in the primary prevention of child sexual abuse before it occurs. 

Additional resources available here.

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