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Frequently Asked Questions

What is REAL TALK?

REAL TALK is a transformative journey for faith communities and organizations, paving the way to next-level freedom and a cultural shift toward transparency, authenticity, and safeguarding. This comprehensive program offers a train-the-trainer approach, featuring an immersive small group model, personalized pathways for growth, and continuous coaching and consulting support. By building a safe environment for processing and healing, REAL TALK equips participants with systemic tools from kindergarten through Leadership. It tackles challenging issues entrenched in secrecy and shame, empowering ministries to fortify themselves and embrace the fullness of their God-given purpose.

Why is REAL TALK needed now?

After more than a decade of experience in anti-trafficking, we've come to understand that trafficking serves as a symptom of deeper issues. To truly address the problem, we must intervene at its roots. Trafficking often stems from a culture of secrecy, shame, and addiction (yes, even in ministries!), which perpetuates the cycle by grooming men to become consumers and women to be exploited and abused.

REAL TALK is founded on the principle of addressing these underlying issues proactively. It goes beyond merely tackling sexual traumas; it aims to address the core factors of secrecy, shame, and life-controlling issues that manifest later in life. REAL TALK serves as both a preventive and healing measure, empowering believers to embrace their God-given purpose fully. Additionally, it serves as a safeguard for ministries and leaders, mitigating the risk of scandals and backlash in the future. This unique pathway was created to not only help individuals become free... but free indeed!

Hear from the creator of REAL TALK, Elizabeth Good, about the "why" behind REAL TALK:

Hear from the co-creator of REAL TALK for Next Gen, Vanessa Morris, about the "why" behind REAL TALK for students:

Do you have testimonials of those who have experienced REAL TALK?

Yes! Check out testimonials from group participants, leaders, and youth here, and check out this powerful video from pastors:

What is included in REAL TALK?

Immersive 5-session training  group for adults and those who will be facilitating REAL TALK within their faith community or organization. Individuals can also take part in a REAL TALK group to build community and authentic connections.

Opportunity to train in K-12 curriculum (which includes 6 lessons for students K-5, 6-8 AND 9-12).

Private Pathways are resources referred to after you've experienced REAL TALK. They can provide anonymous, Holy Spirit led next steps on your journey including trauma-clearing and inner healing.

Ministry partners also receive ongoing coaching, resources and training tools. This includes train-the-trainer inner-healing and prayer team training for your ministry.

Do I have to be a part of a church or organization to experience REAL TALK?

You do not have to be a part of a faith community or organization to join a REAL TALK group!

We welcome individuals seeking to build community and authentic connections to join a REAL TALK group.

How do I get started with REAL TALK?

If you are a Church or organization leader, please contact us to get started.

To join an upcoming REAL TALK group as an individual or ministry leader click here; to join as a cohort for high performing leaders, click here.

If you are interested in leading REAL TALK for K-12, we encourage you to experience REAL TALK for adults, first. This ensures the continuity of REAL TALK throughout your culture. Contact us for more details.

Scholarships are available, click here to apply.

How long does it take to complete REAL TALK?

REAL TALK groups for adults are 5 sessions. Facilitators must complete this in order to launch it within their organization. Individuals may also join, regardless of if they are or are not a part of a church or organization. 

Our training model is an immersive, train-the-trainer experience. Once you've completed 5 sessions within a group, you will be equipped to launch a group of your own.

Next Gen training is completed in 1.5 hours per curriculum (i.e. k-5, 6-8 and/or 9-12). These curriculums include 6 sessions each. K-5 is modeled after traditional children's church, and includes skits, games, lesson and questions. 6-8 and 9-12 curriculums are both 6 week small group models.

What About REAL TALK for Next Gen?

​REAL TALK for Next Gen (K-12) offers tailored 6-week curricula for K-5th, 6-8th, and 9-12th graders. Each curriculum equips leaders to guide age-appropriate, Bible-centered lessons, fostering a strong sense of God-given identity and purpose in students. Additionally, it empowers them to recognize and respond to unsafe situations, trust their intuition and discernment, identify safe adults, healthy relationships, be equipped with language and sentence stems, and more. These interactive sessions tackle challenging topics head-on, providing a safe environment for authentic conversations and preventing harmful patterns from taking root. With a blend of scenario-based learning and activities, REAL TALK builds a safer community for ministries and ensures both students and leaders benefit and grow. 

Register for an upcoming training here.

How can I learn more about REAL TALK?

We would love to connect with you about REAL TALK! Contact us here to learn more.

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