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For families & kids in care

Prevent sex trafficking by using The Cool Aunt Series at home and with kids in the foster system!

The Foundation United is proud to have Rachel Thomas as our Prevention Global Ambassador, adding The Cool Aunt Series: Sex Trafficking Prevention for Teens to our Prevention Pillar. The Cool Aunt Series is more than an online course, it's an experience that can be done from the comfort of your home using any smart device. Using engaging and age-appropriate cinema, storytelling, lecture, and questions, the series walks teens through the STREAMS of Influence- - the 7 risk factors that lead to sex trafficking: Survival, Trafficker, Recruiter, Environment, Abuse, Media, Solicitation.  After the series, teens have the opportunity to self-assess their risk factors and get 1-on-1 help if needed. The Cool Aunt Experience has been called "powerful", "amazing", "fun", and "life-saving" by teens, caregivers, and anti-trafficking experts. This series includes resources for caregivers, tweens, and teens.

One of the most impactful aspects of The Cool Aunt is survivor mentorship for kids in the foster care system. By partnering at-risk youth with a personal mentor, The Cool Aunt team helps them build a safe support system, become empowered to take control of their future, build self-confidence, and stay safe from repeating cycles of abuse and exploitation.

Rachel Thomas is a graduate of UCLA and a personal survivor of human trafficking. She has extensive experience teaching, training, curriculum writing, public speaking, and mentoring.  As a lived experience expert trainer, creator of The Cool Aunt Series, and Ending the Game intervention for survivors, Rachel has helped millions to become more aware of how to stay safe against human trafficking and has helped hundreds break the bonds of commercial sexual exploitation. Rachel has also been appointed to the United States Advisory Council on Human Trafficking. 

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"I am blown away! It felt so real, like something out of my own life. It is phenomenal. I sincerely believe every teen in America should see this!"

-Harmony Dust Grillo

"Rachel's vulnerability in the videos stood out to me the most because she shares the manipulation she experienced. By doing so, she allows others to feel more comfortable sharing their own experiences. It teaches teens not to be ashamed or embarrassed because of the abuse they've experienced, but rather, how to overcome those experiences and become stronger."

-Kayla Stern

"I recommend The Cool Aunt Series for all teens and parents! This is a great tool to open up communication between teens and caregivers."

-Maria Robinson

"I am a junior in high school and I can say this was very educational and not boring at all. It really held my attention."

-Marissa Bustamantez

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