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Prevent sex trafficking before it happens by implementing S.P.E.A.K. UP at your school!

What are students saying?

“Very educational. I learned a lot.”

“I was a victim of sexual abuse. I wish I got this training earlier.”

“This was mind-blowing. No human being should ever have to experience this.”

“It was good to learn about sex trafficking and sexual abuse because now I know how to stop it.”

"I liked the videos and scenarios in the training."

"Now I want to do what I can to help anyone who has been through this."

What are educators saying?

“This program gives us a framework and language to speak about things we simply did not know how to address. I have seen our students faced with online exploitation, sexual abuse, and even the sugar baby phenomena. Now we have the tools to discuss these dangerous topics with them.”

-PACE Center for Girls

“After our very first training, we had students come forward and we were able to help them get safe.”

-Cesar Roman, Counseling Coordinator

“The content is age appropriate. The students enjoyed the scenarios the training depicted and were engaged. For schools considering this program, I recommend it. It creates a way to discuss a taboo topic. We have to educate students on how to react should they ever find themselves a victim or a bystander to sexual abuse."

-Nigeria Seabury, Student Behavioral Specialist

HOW S.P.E.A.K. Up Works

We are passionate about preventing sex trafficking, exploitation, and abuse before it happens. S.P.E.A.K. Up (Student Prevention Education & Advocacy for Kids) is our turn-key, "train-the-trainer" model that helps accomplish just that. It is designed for school leaders to easily train their teaching and support staff on awareness and prevention efforts to combat these issues. Teachers are then be equipped to bring this critical information to their students.

There are three phases included:

1. Onboarding:  School leaders become informed and empowered to train their teams on awareness and prevention techniques. This includes training based upon trauma-informed stewardship and understanding of how to appropriately identify/respond to students who may have experienced abuse.

2. Team Learning: Leaders facilitate a professional development experience for their sites so teachers and staff are informed on awareness and prevention techniques and ready to take students through an awareness and prevention learning experience. 

3. Student Learning:  Educators implement a learning experience for students which promotes awareness and prevention of sex trafficking and sexual abuse. 


This "train-the-trainer" model, in partnership with Michigan State University and Yale University, provides school districts with professional development in a box. By creating a relevant, easy-to-implement, age-appropriate system, S.P.E.A.K. Up empowers adults and students to be a part of the solution in the fight to end sex trafficking and abuse.

partnering to prevent KIDS AROUND

THE WORLD from sex trafficking

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​We are honored to collaborate with Operation Underground Railroad, a domestic and international leader in the fight to end sex trafficking. Together, we bring the life-saving S.P.E.A.K. Up program to students, school systems, and families in the U.S. and a multitude of countries. This expands our reach to impact lives in even the most remote countries.

Jessica double majored with a bachelor's degree in Theology and Education, with an emphasis in Counseling. She has a master's degree in Global Development and Justice. She believes there is always hope for everyone and sometimes it just takes one person pouring into another to forever change a life. She’s worked at Operation Underground Railroad since 2015 and is the Chief Aftercare Officer.


Jessica Mass, Global Ambassador for The Foundation United, has had the privilege to work in non-profits assisting people in the US and over 20 countries, across six continents, to inspire and empower those who have faced some of life's greatest challenges for over 20 years. She has been an expert speaker for the UN, The Glenn Beck Show, Prager University and more.

1 out of 9 children are sexually solicited online


1 out of 3 girls and 1 out of 5 boys are sexually abused

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