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REAL TALK is a systemic pathway and live coaching tool that helps take back the narrative and guard the Church.

Why is REAL TALK needed now? The average person keeps approximately 13 secrets at a time, five of which they have never told another soul. The most common secrets include sexual behaviors and lies. (Columbia University, 2017)

REAL TALK bulletproofs and guards your ministry, organization, family and legacy. The enemy is working overtime to systemically dismantle everything that you have built as a leader. He has one objective: to steal, kill and destroy.


Sexual exploitation and abuse have normalized many things within our culture; grooming our children and leading our men and women to live in broken, toxic cycles of secrets and shame. Headlines share regularly of the fallen leaders and scandals transpiring in ministries all over the globe. Predators are more polished than ever, even within the walls of the church and Christian organizations, with one goal in mind. Generational sins which were once buried, are bursting through the seams within our own ministries. This is the "why" behind REAL TALK! REAL TALK is here to provide live coaching and catalytic tools which equip you for this battle that can no longer be ignored. It creates a protective shield to guard, protect, equip and empower your team and future generations!

What is included in REAL TALK?

  • Ongoing coaching with the REAL TALK team

  • Train-the-trainer model of K-12 small groups for kindergarten through top leadership to equip and protect your entire congregation

  • Private pathways and next steps for leaders to receive personal ministry led by experienced teams around the world

  • Connections with inner healing ministries, trauma clearing, and marriage resources for your congregation

  • REAL TALK 201 portal including continually expanding resources, trainings and tools for leaders

  • Opportunity to unite and connect with ministries around the globe who are a part of the REAL TALK community

  • Customized REAL TALK implementation strategy for your ministry

  • Live REAL TALK launch with the REAL TALK team at your Church

  • Training for parents