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Law Enforcement Solutions
training the criminal justice system

Law enforcement officers play a crucial role in combating sex trafficking. However, many law enforcement agencies nationwide face limitations in specialized training. The Foundation United stands out as a leading provider of systemic training, having successfully trained over 19,000 law enforcement officers. Our team of trainers comprises carefully selected experts in their respective fields, each bringing a unique blend of innovative presentation skills and extensive real-world experience in addressing sex trafficking and exploitation.

The mission of The Foundation United is to illuminate and combat global human trafficking, exploitation, and abuse through comprehensive, systemic training programs. Our approach involves the implementation of practical, proven, and collaborative strategies aimed at enhancing criminal investigations to ensure successful prosecutions of sexual predators and a better understanding of this issue. For agencies seeking to bolster their capabilities, we encourage you to contact us today to schedule training sessions tailored to your agency's specific needs.

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NTC Trainee

"Great information presented with excellence.

This training was outstanding. I wish this was available in the early 90s. I learned so much about the dark web and sex trafficking."

NTC Trainee

"Very insightful. I learned strategies that I never thought were possible. The instructors were on point!"

NTC Trainee

"The instructors were knowledgable, professional, and engaging. They presented effective, hands-on material. I would definitely attend more of their training in the future."

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