Training the front lines

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To find out more about specialized National Training Cadre training options or to request training for your agency or organization click the “REQUEST TRAINING” button below.  One of our Master Level Trainers will reach out to you personally to discuss your agency’s specific needs and how NTC can develop an individualized training curriculum to meet them.

Our National Training Cadre is comprised of national trainers who are carefully selected experts in their respective disciplines each bringing the unique combination of innovative presentational skills and firsthand working knowledge through their decades of “boots on the ground” experience working directly with victims of sex trafficking and exploitation.  Our National Training Cadre is ready to share their knowledge and experience with other professionals including front-line officers, detectives, prosecutors, advocates and other first responders.  Our presentations are always tailored to meet the needs of the agency, jurisdiction or organization requesting training.  Our NTC offers a variety of advanced technical trainings designed to meet the needs of experienced professionals who work with trafficking survivors on a daily basis while continuing to offer outstanding standard level courses for those with less experience as well.


Our National Trainers have amassed thousands of hours of experience in the areas of sex trafficking identification and response, the Nordic model, court diversion programs, criminal justice prosecution, advocacy and survivor support for victims and families, effective investigative practices and strategies (including successful case development), electronic evidence collection and more. Each training provided will be a unique experience with a program tailored to meet your agency’s specific needs.  


It is the mission of The Foundation United and our trainers to spread enough knowledge across the world to shed a light on this heinous crime hiding in plain sight and empower the front lines in how to combat it. One of the goals of The Foundation United is to assist law enforcement in building their own set of tools, skills and expertise ultimately leading to increased identification and rescue of victims.  Our NTC will share practical, PROVEN, collaborative strategies designed to increase victim healing, stability and cooperation, create prosecutable cases and hold predators accountable.


Become a part of the movement.  A movement to save the lives of some of our most vulnerable populations in your community!  Over 100 agencies have already been trained nationally!