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2021 Annual Report

The Foundation United is paving the way in the fight to end sex trafficking through Prevention, Protection, and Provision. We work collaboratively to prevent children from being trafficked and abused, train the front lines to protect victims, and support restorative services for survivors.  


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Letter From Our CEO & Chairman of the Board

From Our Founder & CEO




This last year has been quite amazing. The Foundation has truly found its stride. The vision that God birthed a decade ago has now fully come to fruition. The belief that we could do exponentially more together,  through collaboration is proving to be true In every aspect of the work that we do. Thanks to our Provision arm, we can fund multiple housing organizations across the country. We are most excited about being able to help launch and pour in seed money to Uncaged in Romania, as they are creating a beautiful, much-needed sanctuary in the heart of Romania, which is the epicenter to trafficking in Europe.

Under our Protection Pillar, It has been awe-inspiring to watch Deb O’Hara-Rusckowski and her team train over half a million first responders and healthcare professionals. The research and statistics tell us that 87% of ER Doctors treat a sex trafficking victim and give that little girl or little boy right back to their

predator, not even knowing what they're looking at. Under our watch, and under the amazing work that Global Strategic Operatives are doing, that is changing. Not only have we trained 12 new markets in America, but 12 countries internationally. And please note, this was in spite of all the close-downs with COVID-19. With COVID, we found a way even when there was no way. God made a way. We are just thrilled with these outcomes.

The National Training Cadre is also finding its stride under the leadership of Kindsey Pentecost. Kindsey has years of experience training law enforcement on the issue of domestic sex trafficking and has served on the leadership team of the Circuit 12 Coalition Against Human Trafficking. She has more than 1,000 hours in training in the field of human trafficking and has assisted on numerous human trafficking cases, search warrants, and legislation changes to combat human trafficking. Our National Trainers have amassed thousands of hours of experience in the areas of sex trafficking identification and response, the Nordic model, court diversion programs, criminal justice prosecution, advocacy and survivor support for victims and families, effective investigative practices and strategies (including successful case development), electronic evidence collection and more. They are breathing fresh life into it to scale around the nation and the world.


If you know me well, you know that the pillar most near and dear to my heart is Prevention. After running safe houses for over a decade, I realized how much has been stolen from the young women that finally made it there, and how many never make it to a bed. The desire of my heart, and I believe the desire of God, is to get ahead of it. Prevention is the answer to breaking the cycle. It's a generational issue. Childhood sexual abuse is the greatest secret in America. It is on a global scale as well. The Train the Trainer program we've created through SPEAK UP is literally a tool that has never been used before, and I am thrilled that it is rolling out around the country. 


Our collaboration with Operation Underground Railroad functions as a unique distribution arm which also allows us to launch internationally. We will begin with Thailand, Uganda, and Ghana. We will also enter Romania through our partnership with Uncaged.


Reaching children, changing systems, and empowering adults to be able to see and hear and teaching children to speak up will change everything. The powerful ambassador that we have in Rachel Thomas with her Cool Aunt series is the perfect counterpart to what the school doesn't systematically touch. The Cool Aunt can reach every other individual and family with a message in a truly relatable way from the dynamic Rachel Thomas. 


I feel blessed beyond measure and grateful for your support. I can't even imagine what we'll be able to report by next year. 


Thank you, and God bless

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Elizabeth Melendez Fisher Good


From Our Board Chair


Eight years ago, I met and grew to appreciate an amazing person, Elizabeth Melendez Fisher Good. Elizabeth exposed me to the gruesome reality of how American youth, and the youth from all nations, were trapped in a global enterprise wrapped in lies and trickery. Over time, my heart melted and I became committed to helping end this abomination.


I live in snow country, the mountains of western Colorado. Snow is a striking weather phenomenon that causes the world all-around to change. The alteration in the character of the landscape is radical when snowfall becomes deep. This winter Wolf Creek Pass, Colorado received 89 inches of snow in one night. Objects on the ground lost their identity and became unrecognizable. Some disappeared entirely in high snowdrifts. Life in this region transformed in hours.


The Foundation United exists to create ‘culture transformation.’ Like snow, we bring a new look to the global landscape. However, we are more than a snowstorm. We are a blizzard. Let me explain. A blizzard occurs when snow falls in windy conditions. Today, the whole world is subject to high winds and is experiencing what we in Colorado term a ‘whiteout.’ A whiteout develops when intense wind blends with falling snow. Visibility is greatly reduced, almost eliminated. In fact, when this combination takes place, a person cannot easily distinguish the ground from the sky. Special goggles are needed to navigate.


Progress is an integral part of transformation and sight is essential. The Foundation United brings sight and forward movement to the ravaged world of sexual exploitation because we are not one entity. We are a consortium. We are a group of organizations formed to undertake an enterprise greater than the resources of any one of us individually. TOGETHER we are miracle goggles. We bring each other sight.TOGETHER we can reach the entire world. TOGETHER, like snow, we influence life everywhere we go. Our three corporate pillars, Prevention, Protection, and Provision operate in unison to reveal the truth, protect the vulnerable and provide restoration to the broken. TOGETHER we form a transformation blizzard. We bring cover and create newness. We offer fresh life and health to everyone stolen and held captive by darkness. We shift global reality!


What about individual snowflakes in this set-the-captives-free storm? Many participants are needed. We must labor TOGETHER. Decide to become a part of our life-giving process. As we grow, we become a global change-the-world avalanche and an avalanche pulls down everything that stands in its way. Today we bring lasting change to thousands. Tomorrow it will be millions.


Join us!


TOGETHER we are invincible!



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Lynne Jubilee Cumming

Board Chair

Calm Sea
Leadership Team

The Lord says, “I have seen violence done to the helpless. I have heard the groans of the oppressed. I will rise up to rescue them.”
Psalm 12:5

Our Team

Our Boards


Board of Directors

Lynne Jubilee Cumming

Board Chair

Fred Feller


John Reed



Ruthie LeFebvre


Elizabeth Fisher Good


Advisory Board

Quin Frazer

Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP

Mark Bloom

Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

Brad Good

Good Capital & Property Group LLC


Elaine Lewis

The Wade Street Group at Morgan Stanley 

Senior Vice President - Wealth Management, Financial Planning Specialist 

Pat Robinson

City Manager Sarasota; Previous Deputy Chief of Police, Sarasota Police Department

Mary Lou Johnson

Community Ambassador

Beth Rech

Flourish Coaching​


​Dan Moceri

Co-Founder and Executive Chairman

Convergint Technologies


Annette Feller 

Lead Intercessor

Roland Jacobs

CEO, AspireUp

Craig Schaeffer

State Attorney's Office

12th Judicial Circuit

Jackie Tilton

Retired Attorney

Happy Woman

Three Pillars


The three Pillars of The Foundation United create a path to ending sex trafficking and exploitation by addressing it from all angles. This creates a movement with a global reach.​

  • The Prevention Pillar provides school districts and families at home with prevention education and tools

  • The Protection Pillar trains first responders in the criminal justice and healthcare systems to recognize sex trafficking, aid survivors, and prosecute predators

  • The Provision Pillar supports vetted safe-housing and restorative programs for adult and minor survivors domestically and globally. 

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Our Pillars

A Ripple Affect Changing The World

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Our methodology provides funding where it is most needed and does not support full-scale, ongoing operations, administration, and salaries. The goal of the Foundation is to teach others how to fish rather than create ongoing dependency. A benefit of the Foundation's structure allows many organizations to operate with shared resources. We create an atmosphere of collaboration, not of competition, between organizations. This provides for the most significant impact possible.​


The beauty of the initiatives under the Foundation is that we have the ability to share resources. Some organizations have their own 501c3 while others have chosen to forego theirs. This allows all to unite and leverage resources to reduce back-office costs, such as marketing, development, accounting, and operations. This method means more money goes directly to our programs. Some of our Pillar partners are solely initiatives of the Foundation, such as the National Training Cadre and the SPEAK UP "train-the-trainer" Prevention model.

We also provide grants to highly credible and vetted organizations on an annual basis on a smaller scale.

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Pillar Programs & Partnerships

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University Research Partnerships

University Partnerships

The Foundation​ United understands the importance of evidence-based research, outcomes, and measurements. We are proud to continue locking arms with the following University Research Partnerships tied to our different Initiatives. 

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Prevention: Forge The Future

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Empowering Entire School Systems to SPEAK UP


We are passionate about preventing sex trafficking, exploitation, and abuse before it happens. SPEAK UP is our turn-key, "train-the-trainer" model that provides school systems with a top-down approach ensuring all faculty and staff are educated on how to protect students and recognize the red flags. 2021 marked our inaugural year to launch the SPEAK UP curriculum in schools. We are empowering students and adults to speak up against exploitation and abuse. Curricula for K-12th grade students, from our expert network partners across the country, are available so that every child knows the power of their voice and how to stay safe. To measure impact and growth of knowledge, our University Research Partners include Yale University and Michigan State University.

Upcoming training(s) include schools in Chicago, Arizona, Martha’s Vineyard, Alaska, and more.

Prevention training in 2021 included PACE Center for Girls and schools in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. PACE Center for Girls serves nearly 4,000 at-risk middle and high school girls and is dedicated to equipping each young life with this curriculum to help protect them from sex trafficking and exploitation.

What Are Educators and Youth Saying?

“It was good to learn about sex trafficking and sexual abuse because now I know how to stop it.”


“I was a victim of sexual abuse. I wish I got this training earlier.”


“This program gives us a framework and language to speak about things we simply did not know how to address. I have seen our students faced with online exploitation, sexual abuse, and even the sugar baby phenomena. Now we have the tools to discuss these dangerous topics with them.”​

-PACE Center for Girls

“After our very first training, we had students come forward and we were able to help them get safe.”

-Cesar Roman, Counseling Coordinator

"Now I want to do what I can to help anyone who has been through this."


“The content is age appropriate. The students enjoyed the scenarios the training depicted and were engaged. For schools considering this program, I recommend it. It creates a way to discuss a taboo topic. We have to educate students on how to react should they ever find themselves a victim or a bystander to sexual abuse."

-Nigeria Seabury, Student Behavioral Specialist

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The Cool Aunt Series, founded by our Global Ambassador, Rachel Thomas is more than an online course, it's an experience that can be done from the comfort of your home using any smart device. Using engaging and age-appropriate cinema, storytelling, lecture, and questions, the series walks teens through the STREAMS of Influence- - the 7 risk factors that lead to sex trafficking: Survival, Trafficker, Recruiter, Environment, Abuse, Media, and Solicitation.  After the series, teens have the opportunity to self-assess their risk factors and get 1-on-1 help if needed. The Cool Aunt Experience has been called "powerful", "amazing", "fun", and "life-saving" by teens, caregivers, and anti-trafficking experts. This series includes resources for parents and teens.

15 schools and agencies are using The Cool Aunt Series, including sites in:

  • New York

  • California (20 out of 54 counties have signed up!)

  • Texas 

  • Wisconsin

  • Florida


We have created a unique collaboration with Operation Underground Railroad (OUR). The Foundation United's goal is to flood the Earth with best practices. One of these best practices is scaling through distribution collaboration. OUR is a distribution collaborator, bringing our SPEAK UP prevention product to vulnerable children where they have connections. Through their network domestically and internationally, we're able to expand the reach of our SPEAK UP prevention product. Planning is underway for the first international countries to implement SPEAK UP.

"The first step in redefining this culture of silence is creating an environment where children feel comfortable speaking up, and men and women alike no longer have to bury the secrets of their past."

-Elizabeth Melendez Fisher Good

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Jessica Mass

Global Ambassador

Jessica Mass, Global Ambassador for The Foundation United, has had the privilege to work in non-profit assisting people in the US and over 20 countries, across six continents, to inspire and empower those who have faced some of life's greatest challenges for over 20 years. She has been an expert guest speaker for the United Nations, The Glenn Beck Show, Prager University, and many more media outlets.​ She double majored for her bachelor's degree in theology, and Education with an emphasis in counseling. She has a master's degree in Global Development and Justice. She also certified in the Teaching-Family Model. She’s worked at Operation Underground Railroad since 2015 and is the Vice President of Aftercare.

rachel thomas.jpg

Rachel Thomas

Global Ambassador

Rachel Thomas is a graduate of UCLA and a personal survivor of human trafficking. She has extensive experience teaching, training, curriculum writing, public speaking, and mentoring.


As director of Sowers Education Group and lead author of Ending The Game: An Intervention Curriculum for Survivors of Sex Trafficking, Rachel has helped millions to become more aware of human trafficking and has helped hundreds of survivors break the bonds of attachment to traffickers and the lifestyle of commercial sexual exploitation. Her program, The Cool Aunt Series provides families and teens with the tools they need to understand and prevent sex trafficking, from the comfort of their homes.


Rachel has also been appointed to the United States Advisory Council on Human Trafficking. 

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Advocacy & Policy Change

Legislation To Save Lives


Great strides were taken in 2021 to protect children through our curriculum prevention bill. We had an opportunity to draft the language of this bill for the U.S. Congress entitled "The Human Trafficking and Exploitation Prevention Training Act of 2021." The Senate version of this bill is S. 2136 which is sponsored by Senator Murkowski (R) and Senator Smith (D). The House version of this bill is sponsored by Rep. Buchanan (R) and Rep. Wasserman-Schultz (D),  (H.R.4989)

Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) and Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA) introduced the Frederick Douglass Trafficking Victims Prevention and Protection Reauthorization Act of 2021 (H.R. 5150)­­­ (TVPA) on Capitol Hill, which will now include a mandate on sex trafficking prevention education for students K-12, providing funding for schools to institute our train-the-trainer model and curriculum to save young lives!

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." 

-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Protection: Find The Survivor

Creating A Shield of Protection


Our Protection Pillar provides anti-human trafficking resources and training for healthcare professionals, law enforcement agencies, state attorneys' offices, and judiciaries and other front line agencies. We are creating a cultural shift through systemic change by implementing highly requested training in the Nordic Model, Dark Web, Unconscious Bias, and more. Our desire is that every survivor of this crime is treated with compassion, and understanding, and given the justice they deserve.

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Screen Shot 2022-06-07 at 11.19.05 AM.png

Our National Training Cadre, led by Global Ambassador Kindsey Pentecost, was created to bring the best-of-the-best training and resources to the frontlines of the Criminal Justice System. There has been a significant uptick in requests for human trafficking specifically training and we are witnessing a major shift in perspective on this issue.

  • 90% of officers trained say that they now have a strong knowledge of sex trafficking.

  • 90% of officers trained say that they understand the demand side of sex trafficking.

  • 82% of officers trained say that they now understand the tactics used by traffickers.

  • 156 agencies and organizations have been trained around the U.S. including:

    • New York

    • Florida

    • Nevada

    • Missouri

    • Michigan

  • Thanks to our connections with Staci Yates, Director of Human Trafficking Recovery Services in Alaska and key leader in the Governor's Human Trafficking Task Force, our team was connected to ASHTA (Alaska Stop Human Trafficking Alliance). After presenting to ASHTA, they were hungry for law enforcement training on this issue. Our NTC is now planning trainings for THREE AGENCIES IN ALASKA!


Global Strategic Operatives, founded by Global Ambassador Deborah O'Hara Rusckowski, is a training arm devoted to equipping the medical community on how to identify the signs and symptoms of sex trafficking. Through a policy and system-wide approach, GSO provides training led by survivors and expert clinicians, beginning with the highest levels in the organization. This training arm creates an entirely new layer of protection for victims of this crime.

U.S. Training Sites:

  • Baptist Health

  • Advocate Aurora Health

  • Hackensack Meridian Health

  • Baylor Harris Health

  • RWJ Barnabas Health

  • Northwell Health


International Training Sites:

  • Poland

  • Romania

  • Australia

  • Ireland

  • Cambodia

  • Thailand

  • India

  • Nigeria

  • Ethiopia

  • Philippines

  • Italy

  • Albania


  • GSO has completed training in UN Research Pilot Study! Research results are being published and policies are now being created and synthesized down to one “universal” policy on Human Trafficking for Healthcare Providers. This has never existed before! This will be submitted to the World Health Organization in September 2022 to be implemented worldwide, with a meeting to be held during General Assembly at the UN.

  • Over 500,000 medical professionals have been trained around the world!

What Are Trainees Saying?

"I will definitely be using what I learned here in my cases going forward."

"This was an important class. I learned so much that I didn't know beforehand."

I could not think of a better cause to support and engage my staff as we work to better identify and care for potential human trafficking victims.”


"I will be sharing all that I learned with my department and highly recommend this training to all law enforcement."

“Wow! This was very eye-opening. I am profoundly impacted by the moving information that was shared."

Very well organized and the instructions had first hand knowledge of all the information provided. Excellent training. Taught me a lot. Loved the portion on the dark web!"

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Kindsey Pentecost

Global Ambassador

For over ten years she has served those who are at high risk of being exploited, have been exploited, and/or sex trafficked. She has an M.A. from Grand Valley University in Criminal Justice and has been published in the Southwest Journal of Criminal Justice with the article Explaining the Fear of Crime Among College Women. She is also the co-founder of one of the nation's first prostitution court diversion programs. Kindsey has a diverse background working in both non-profit and the business world. She is certified with the Florida Crime Prevention Training Institute for Human Trafficking and has partnered with the local law enforcement to be the first point of contact for women identified as sex trafficking victims or at high risk to be recruited into sex trafficking. Kindsey has years of experience training law enforcement on the issue of domestic sex trafficking and has served on the leadership team of the Circuit 12 Coalition Against Human Trafficking. She has more than 1,000 hours of training in the field of human trafficking and has assisted on numerous human trafficking cases, search warrants, and legislation changes to combat human trafficking. 


Deb O’Hara-Rusckowski

Global Ambassador

Deb is a critical care nurse by training with a BSN, MBA, and a Master’s in Theology with a concentration in bioethics. After working in healthcare and the private sector for 30+ years, she now concentrates in public, non-profit organizations, and philanthropy. She desires to combine her passion for healthcare, business skills and faith. She currently is a Delegate for the Order of Malta’s Mission at the United Nations, focused on human trafficking and the global refugee crisis. She recently co-founded Global Strategic Operatives for the Eradication of Human Trafficking. She provides educational and training presentations to healthcare providers, airline personnel, government employees, corporations and universities on human trafficking.

She works closely with Homeland Security and law enforcement. She supports an anti-human trafficking educational exhibit in Haiti which rotates regularly around the country. Deb founded Nurses With Global Impact, Inc. in 2016 as a resource for nurses and to recognize those doing extraordinary work and making a global impact in healthcare.

She is now launching domestic safe homes throughout the country in former Catholic convents and rectories to meet the growing needs of survivors.


Provision: Free The Heart

A Safe Place To Restore Domestically and Internationally


At The Foundation United, we are very selective in the partnerships we highlight and work with to scale. With over a decade of experience in building best practices and high-level outcomes in safe housing, we realize there is not one size fits all solution. A great deal of criteria goes into our selection process. While "in the life," victims can be sold 15-40 times every 24 hours. They have been in survival mode for years and do not realize that freedom is possible. They are worthy of so much more! That is why our Provision Pillar is dedicated to funding a new beginning for survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation around the world.

In 2021 we felt led to invest seed money into Romania. It is the epicenter of human trafficking in Europe. 78% of victims throughout Europe originate from Roman/Moldova. We also focused on supporting a new model led by Catholic Sisters domestically. 


We are excited to continue to unite and focus on different safe-housing solutions for adults and children domestically and internationally.


Uncaged, founded by our Global Ambassador, Kim Westfall, is based in the European epicenter of sex trafficking, Romania and Moldova. Uncaged partners with local organizations, leaders, and government agencies across Eastern Europe to create national intervention and prevention plans to stop traffickers before they strike. They are also providing training to identify victims and bring them to safety. Finally, their "healing villages" are being built where survivors go to recover and restore. Without these crucial Sanctuaries, 80% of survivors will be trafficked again.

In 2021, over 1,000 lives were impacted by the Uncaged Team through rescue operations, survivor support services, partnerships established with networking organizations in Europe, and individuals trained.

Collaboration at work: Uncaged has partnered with GSO to train healthcare systems in Romania and Moldova, where 78% of survivors in Europe are from. They are also translating our SPEAK UP Prevention Curriculum into Romanian to save even more precious young lives!

New Models of Safe Housing Identified

In 2021, our Global Ambassador Deb O'Hara Rusckowski brought to our attention a new safe housing model which she endorses and we’ve been learning more about in 2021. Deb is the founder of GSO, which has been a leader in training healthcare systems to recognize and respond to victims of sex trafficking. With so many young lives being identified, the need for domestic safe housing has been magnified more than ever.


Metanoia Manor is now launching safe homes throughout the United States in repurposed former Catholic convents and rectories. In addition to a Program Director/Administrator, all safe homes will have a small group of highly trained Sisters to be a loving, nurturing presence within the home, something survivors desperately need. Their unique approach incorporating Sisters as leaders in each safe-home, and will significantly reduce staff turnover, which is often heightened in this field.


Over 20 sisters have been trained to receive and work with this population and will begin welcoming survivors in their program in the near future. We look forward to supporting this and other new pathways of domestic and international safe housing and restorative care for survivors in the future.


Kim Westfall

Global Ambassador

Kim Westfall is the Founder and CEO of Uncaged. She is an entrepreneurial leader with nearly 30 years of experience leading and scaling successful for-profit and non-profit organizations. From 2006 to 2016, she served as Executive Vice President of Client Services and Consulting for Westfall Gold, a major-donor fundraising consultancy that has helped to lead faith-based organizations to raise more than $1 billion (USD) to fuel transformation worldwide. Kim served as U.S. Executive Director of Watoto Child Care Ministries, an organization that provides holistic care to vulnerable women and children in purpose-built village settings across Africa. In 2018, after being haunted by a vision of ‘children in cages,’ Kim launched Uncaged.

In The News

Awareness and Education

Our awareness and education program is a component that is instrumental to all of our Pillars. A major tenent of our comprehensive programming is to continually educate and open blind eyes, empowering them to know the red flags to look out for and how to take action to prevent and address sex trafficking and exploitation.


Over 1.3 million were educated in 2021!

Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 1.09.26 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-05-10 at 2.52.56 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-06-30 at 2.23.26 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-03-21 at 4.54.44 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-03-21 at 4.59.16 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-03-21 at 5.00.28 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-03-21 at 5.01.35 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-03-21 at 5.02.55 PM.png

Support and Resources for Trauma Survivors

Thanks to a broad network of experts in many facets of the trauma-restoration field, we have been able to provide support and resources for survivors of trauma and exploitation. We are grateful for the opportunity to provide these services to men and women and have seen life-changing results. Survivors of trauma are getting to the root of their issues and being equipped with tools for how to move forward in a healthy way, 

In 2021

over 50 survivors

received sessions for trauma and sexual exploitation.

Our Vision
Image by Anastasia Taioglou

"Though the waters are deep, they will not overcome you."

Isaiah 43:2

Our Vision For 2022 And Beyond

Freedom, Hope, And Restoration Are On The Horizon

The waters are treacherous in the fight to end sex trafficking, but our mission is from the One who calms the seas. Throughout 2021 we laid an unshakable foundation... now it is time to build upon it! Our Global Ambassadors are strategically positioned to collaboratively expand and provide their programs and areas of expertise wherever there is a gap or need. This first-of-its-kind collaborative approach has already proven extremely successful in growing the impact and outcomes within each of our Pillars: Prevention, Protection and Provision.

In 2022 our teams are already successfully working toward goals that will bring us one step closer to exponentially eradicating sex trafficking and exploitation domestically and internationally, including:


  • Translating SPEAK UP to reach children and educators in counties throughout Europe, Africa and Asia, as well as translating it to reach students in the U.S. whose first language is Spanish and Portuguese

  • Bringing The Cool Aunt Series to DCFS agencies

  • Partnering with foster-care alternative organizations to reach highly at-risk youth

  • Addressing the "demand" side of sex trafficking by educating and empowering men to be a part of the solution. Over 90% of buyers and sellers of sex are men. Engaging men to combat this crime helps us get ahead of it and eradicate it forever.

  • Nationally pilot REAL TALK, a catalytic prevention and protection tool designed specifically for the faith community and faith-based organizations, reaching everyone from kindergarteners to top leadership. This tool empowers ministries to be bulletproof against schemes of the enemy and fully awakens them to their God-given purpose and potential, free from shame, secrets and scandal.


  • Expanding trainings within the Criminal Justice System leading to the Nordic Model being embraced by law enforcement nationally as the go-to standard approach to combating sex trafficking

  • Continuing to invest in frontline workers and task forces


  • Continuing to provide support best practiced, cost-effective safe housing or start-up models in high need areas internationally and domestically for adults and minors


  • Expanding awareness and education in the general population through events, broadcast TV,  radio, podcast and social media


  • This area of focus gives us the freedom to sow into vetted organizations/programs who are doing exceptional work and invest into the greatest areas of need, in addition to new or expanding programs

Water Foam

A wave of awareness has risen.

Behind it lies an ocean of action for freedom.

2021 Financial Snapshot

The Foundation United's Unique and Cost-Effective Collaborative Approach


The Foundation United operates as a unique, cost-effective, collaborative network. Our three Pillars (Prevention, Protection and Provision) encompass our work domestically and internationally to combat sex trafficking and sexual abuse, while our grantee organizations are able to benefit from the support of our organization.

View Past Financials Here



2021 financials.png


Target Fund

We have established our Target Fund, a reserve which pours into opportunities that align with our DNA or areas we can pivot to in order to have greater impact and scale.


Programs Supported in 2021



Educates the public on sex trafficking, sexual exploitation, and how they can protect their children, and help eradicate this crime through public speaking on radio, television, podcasts, and print.




Trains first responders in the criminal justice and healthcare systems to recognize sex trafficking, aid survivors, and prosecute predators.




Provides school districts and families at home with prevention education and tools. 2021 marked our inaugural year to launch the SPEAK UP curriculum in schools.





Supports vetted safe-housing and restorative programs for adult and minor survivors domestically and globally. Each year we highlight 1-2 organizations in this space.



Financial Goals

$25 Million


Legacy Fund

Our Legacy Fund will ensure that programs can continue despite unforeseen changes and circumstances. We seek to find the best practices  to scale and expand each program regionally and systemicallyOur goal is to raise $25 million by 2025 and grow our Legacy Fund so that our programs and vetted, like-minded partners can continue their impactful work, and not worry about resources in perpetuity.  This creates one stop shopping for donors, knowing that their money is going to places that are actually doing the work. The focus on systemic scaling is limitless, and we believe changing broken systems changes everything. 


2021 fiancials-5.png

Why $25 Million?

Currently, The Foundation United operates at $2.5 million annually. We are quickly scaling and growing worldwide. We project in the next 24 months that our annual budget will grow to $5 million. This Legacy Fund goal would support five years of funding to sustain our initiatives/programs for at least five years. This is vital, as unforeseen emergencies, changes within the organization, major attrition in funding sources, etc., may occur. Our Legacy Fund provides security to support systemic change and global impact, regardless of what may take place.

Grantees and Beneficiaries

Not only does The Foundation United run its own programs, but it also provides specific support to like-minded organizations in the anti-sex trafficking movement. We are able to shift focus and support as needed to make greatest impact

Through your generosity, The Foundation United has directed funds to these impactful organizations:

GSO logo.jpeg
Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 8.06.49 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-06-07 at 2.03.37 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 8.06.49 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 8.06.49 PM.png
Metanoia Logo red black.png

Sharing Resources and Increasing Efficiency

The Foundation United in unique in our approach to collaboration. One component of this includes the sharing of resources throughout our programs, initiatives and partnerships. By sharing resources, we are able to keep administrative costs down and focus on the programs at the heart of our mission. Shared expenses have saved the organizations which have come under our umbrella approximately $100,000 annually! In 2021, some of our shared resources included:

  • Translation of materials

  • PR and marketing

  • Administrative needs

  • Website and graphic design

  • CPA/Accounting

"The Foundation United understands that we are better together, and they effectively ignite the work of others all around the world. By strategically partnering with other organizations, their influence is multiplied and expanded beyond what they can accomplish alone."
-Anne Basham, Ascend Consulting; Former Senior Official, Department of Justice PRESIDENTIAL APPOINTEE
Family at a Beach

The Foundation United Stands Together To End Sex Trafficking In Our Lifetime

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