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Image by Sasha  Freemind


Free the heart

At The Foundation United, we are very selective in the partnerships we highlight and work with to scale. With over a decade of experience in building best practices and high-level outcomes, we realize there is no one size fits all solution. A great deal of criteria goes into our selection process. While "in the life," victims can be sold 15-40 times every 24 hours. They have been in survival mode for years and do not realize that freedom is possible. They are worthy of so much more! That is why our Provision Pillar is dedicated to supporting a new beginning for survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation around the world. 


We are proud to support the best models of after-care and safe housing for minor and adult survivors of sex trafficking. By uniting with leaders domestically and internationally, we are able to scale solutions to eradicate sex trafficking. 

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